6 ways to use Code Interpreter

ChatGPT's latest update

Robot Master,

It feels like years ago since the AI hype and craze around chatGPT was at its peak. The truth is.. its only been months.

This latest ChatGPT update puts us right back into a state of shock. We are talking about Code Interpreter. Code Interpreter is ChatGPT’s AI tool and has tons of use cases. We dive into those below.

Let’s do it!

In this issue:
  • How to: Top 6 use cases for ChatGPT’s newest feature, Code Interpreter.

  • Tool Demo: Edit videos in seconds - Keyframes makes video editing a breeze for you to post short forms on socials

  • Read: The economy needs AI - how its impacting jobs and how you can take advantage

  • Links we love: Stunning AI QR code art, everything in 2023, revolutionary storytelling, the Beatles


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Pro ChatGPT users: Go to Setting → enable code interpreter

Top 6 ways to use Code Interpreter

Code Interpreter can analyze data, read PDFs, create visualizations and gifs, edit images, convert files, and write/debug code.

It is available to pro subscribers. You need to enable it in settings. See above image

Here are the top 6 ways you can use Code Interpreter:

  1. Create a QR Code - this is simple, but powerful.

  2. Edit Images - Remove background, blur, sharpen, make images black and white.

  3. Convert Files - Convert videos to .gif

  4. Data Visualization - Create gorgeous data visuals from ugly data sets.

  5. Reading PDFs - Quickly analyze a huge PDF and get a summary.

  6. SEO analysis - Upload SEO data, search history, and dates to understand your website traffic so you can get more leads.

This tool is going to be used daily. It has so many applications. Here is a list of 10 examples if you want to dive deeper.


Create videos for socials (without the hassle)

With Keyframes Studio, you can quickly and seamlessly edit videos.

You can do this in three easy steps:

  1. Set up

  2. Generate keyframes

  3. Edit

You will have access to fonts, sounds, stock photos, and more. You're free to upload your own footage as well from an existing file, or if you're feeling wild, you can record yourself within the tool.

Once you upload a video, you can select the platform the platform where you will upload it. This customizes the size and makes it easy to publish, so you can focus on the content and not the editing.

AI features help enhance the keyframes, music, and text featured in the video.

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AI is good for the economy

This economy definitely needs AI

The United States created 20 million jobs in the decade after Life magazine decried robots. This shows that even though automation can lead to job losses in some sectors, it can also create new jobs in other sectors.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a necessity for increasing productivity, which has grown at a rate of 1.6% since 1970.

AI will help productivity, but it is not a perfect substitute for human labor. There are still many tasks that humans are better at than AI.

This isn’t the first time that technology has destroyed and created jobs, and it won't be the last. With more media sources than ever, headlines about jobs will continue to proliferate. In the meantime, more companies will be on the hunt for employees with AI knowledge who are more stoked about enhancing their skills.


Prompt: “knolling of a [JOB/PROFESSION], person”

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You probably need a robot.

We do too,

Lexi, Greg & Jordan

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